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Time to Take a Break From All the Stress

A massage may be the oldest form of medical care, and experiencing just a 60-minute massage at Sirius Day Spa will amaze you. It activates your body on an internal level that can help correct the physiological imbalance caused by our stressful lives and can help increase circulation, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress.

Depending on your specific massage treatment, your therapist will either perform a customized full-body massage for general relaxation and stress reduction or focus on the parts of your body that you have requested.

You will always be draped with a top sheet during your massage treatment. Your therapist will ensure your modesty is respected and can arrange additional blankets if required. Our therapist will fully respect your needs, communicate clearly with you, and ask you to alert them if a technique or stroke they are using is uncomfortable at any time during the session.

Our Massage Services Include

Our massage services are available in Swedish, Lymphatic, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Reflexology, Neuromuscular, and Sports techniques. Please speak to your therapist to decide which one is best for you. Additionally, we offer full-body hot stones, Himalayan Salt, and cupping massages.

What is Neuromuscular Therapy Massage?

​​​​​​​Neuromuscular therapy is a form of soft tissue manipulation that aims to treat underlying causes of chronic pain involving the muscular and nervous systems. This medically-oriented form of massage addresses trigger-points (tender muscle points), circulation, nerve compression, postural issues, and biomechanical problems that repetitive movement injuries can cause.

All massage services include 10 minutes of consultation and dressing time. Following are the preferred massage time slots –

  • 60-minutes massage*
  • 90-minutes massage*
  • 120-minutes massage*

*All Massages/Facials Include 10 min for Consult & Dressing.

Now offering AMMA Massage

Amma massage is a type of massage therapy that is rooted in ancient Eastern medicinal techniques. The technique encompasses a myriad of pressing, stroking, stretching, and percussive manipulations on acupressure points along the body’s 14 major meridians. Unlike Western massage, AMMA utilizes no oils and can be done through clothing with the client.

Enhancements in Addition to Massaging

At Sirius Day Spa, you also have the option to add an enhancement such as a Hot Stone, Aromatherapy or CBD to your massage experience.


  • Mini hot stone – Add on treatment for the neck and shoulders to help relieve stress and tension
  • Aromatherapy – Choice of scents that help to relax and enhance your massage experience
  • CBD -CBD’s properties in this healing lotion bring quick relief and flexibility to sore and overstressed muscles